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Voxelab Aquila 3d Printer Silent Mainboard DIY 3d Printer Kit Open Source 220*220*250mm

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    June 5, 2022
    Excellent printer, build on the hour, no problems. Prints read out of the box. Shipping directly to the door.
    June 4, 2022
    Received goods
    June 4, 2022
    Ok.very god! everything is cool!
    June 4, 2022
    Advise the printer! Fine print out of the box!
    June 2, 2022
    Delivery on time! Quality printer good, collect interesting prints out of the box, flash drive nouneym but for the file of the prints rules, just take the dryer and will top, the шагавикам they are quiet but cooler cooling, as PC noise, KST glass Xs люд comments writes, I have all the rules with adhesion even glue don't use easy typing and all, mainly adjust exactly, for level used stock paper comes with shorter with A4 as low nozzle was
    June 1, 2022
    Printer Works, print quality is good, read the instructions. Very sorry that no Russian language menu.
    June 1, 2022
    Printer fully suit in stock
    May 29, 2022
    Excellent! Excellent! Delivery a week of Russia. Assembled for a half hour. Assembly instructions super. Nice was to collect, as a designer in childhood. Print quality. Equipment with stock hardware parts. Complete whole set of keys. Anything outside of the tools are necessary. Fans noisy, but stepper drivers quiet. For the money printer!
    May 27, 2022
    It megabystro. Well-packed. Child 13 years gathered for a couple of hours. Calibrated and rigged table the simple instructions from YouTube. Immediately sent the printing test model with the stick of sets.
    May 21, 2022
    3D printer I liked, going to the мануалу easily, can only adjust the table height and printer is ready to print. Quality print in my good right out of the box. From the obvious drawbacks but solved it: noisy fans and not reading other files with the SD card. Fast delivery the day before application received, packed well. I am happy with, this is my first 3D printer.
    May 18, 2022
    Printer super, but you need to understand that there a lot of flaws, who desired to eliminate. The дмитрия соркина YouTube have excellent video on this account. As well as комплектуха quality, straps гейтс, good шаговики (recommend abated somewhat their current to not basked). Items good fit together. But, again, the Assembly better stretch all screws, adjust clamps, rebuild хотэнд. In general, the first printer novice I would not recommend, for more experienced and those who love twist glands hands-great alternative Ender 3-v2 for much less money.
    May 16, 2022
    Works. Need further testing…
    May 14, 2022
    Bought as a first printer, as instructed by collecting all less than an hour. Led to the printing test cube, the result was satisfied, the first time print pretty quality item, at the same time with zero experience on this machine. It's faster, buy happy, thanks to a quality and affordable goods.
    May 12, 2022
    Moskvu. Prishol very quickly even had to endure delivery of the holidays. Not собилал but packed okuratno. Will study.
    May 12, 2022
    Delivery is within weeks courier from Russia. Thought to take эндер-3 initially, but focused on this as it is cheaper. Complete, delivery speed issues. Is only printed PLA, test models.
    May 7, 2022
    Very good order to Novosibirsk reached for a week. Prints straight out of the box. Cons of too much buzz cooling fans
    May 6, 2022
    May 6, 2022
    Printer is good for the money. In a gift plastic abs. So the first printing plastic PLA was great, but cost print plastic abs as with ультробащы together with detalkami peeled off of the glass. That in turn can't disappoint. Tips: 1) immediately buy mirror and print on it. 2) to open many parameters setting, and it seems to me vertical display more convenient.
    May 6, 2022
    This money Topchik. Print well right out of the box. Motor axis have only heated to 80 ° the rest up to 60. Put a direct and general gun will. Components are all brand. I buy very good content.
    April 25, 2022
    I take off before two weeks, everything's perfect, now to ride it, (and a now it's all right or if it's missing, some pieces).